Kristall Lichttherapie Gerät 479.-€ netto: sehr einfach zu bedienendes Therapiegerät vom berühmten Dr. Oldfield

In the mid-1970s Harry Oldfield’s research into Kirlian photography revealed that it wasn’t only living things that exhibited the dynamic output shown clearly in Kirlian photographs - he also saw dynamic energy emanating from so-called inanimate objects, including crystals and gemstones. When investigating further, and in particular after reading ‘Gem Therapy’ by A. K. Bhattacharya, and ‘The Curious Lore of Precious Stones’ by G. F. Kunz, Harry reasoned that this was a valuable observation that he would put to practical use in the future.

Harry first applied pulsing electromagnetic fields to certain crystals. He discovered that these energetic properties were amplified and when the crystals were placed on or near a person, animal or plant in need of balance and harmony the achievement of these states was greatly assisted by the crystals. He then later discovered that pulsing light had the same effect.

The history of the Light Unit began in the early 1980s with Harry Oldfield's unique experiments with collimated light sources and early helium-neon lasers. When the light from these sources was passed through certain crystals or gemstones Harry found that this greatly amplified their natural harmonising abilities. Due to safety problems concerning lasers at that time (especially when used near eyes) Harry turned his research to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which were soon established as the safest light source for use in Oldfield Light technologies and used in all Light Unit systems.

The early Light Units used only the wavelengths of red light and provided excellent amplification using many different varieties of crystals.

However, in our latest version, the ‘Crystal Harmony Light Unit’, we have greatly expanded the ability and effectiveness of this system and increased the choice of use to three separate groups of wavelengths pulsed through one clear Quartz crystal: Blue, Green, or Red. Thus the Light Unit functions on three levels:

Tranquillity Blue, Balance Green, or Energy Red