Airbag Foot Reflex Zones massager

The SYOGRA Airbag Foot Reflex Zones Massager contains altogether 8 airbags which are controlled electronically.

By means of special sensors the massage pressure can be adjusted individually.


Relation between foot reflex zones and the inner organs.
The foot reflex zone therapy is performed on the basis that on the soles are determined zones, which have definite connections (reflex ways) to the remaining body regions. All organs appeared to be mapped on the soles of the feet. By a massage of the appropriate places on the foot the internal organs and possible disturbances of their function can be affected

It is well known that with the massage of the foot the result occurs immediately of a feeling of the relaxation.

Moreever the sole of the foot, the inside and exterior and the toes are delineated into particular organ zones. Certain regions of the foot are assigned to a specific organ.
By a special massage technology of the sole the individual zones are stimulated.