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HEALTH-ENERGEN is the first and latest electronic device designed for electrotherapy and very effective in treating viral and unknown causes of diseases; especially recurring diseases . It is an efficient professionally designed unit, thoroughly tested, and guaranteed to operate per specifications. We created the first HEALTH-ENERGEN 37 years ago (1968-1970) with great success! We are now bringing back the improved and latest technology of modern electrotherapy machine, the HEALTH--ENERGEN, handcrafted one by one and piece by piece to ensure its high efficiency and trouble-free mechanism. It is the first of its kind in the world.HEALTH--ENERGEN produces static electricity and has been proven to eradicate the root of viral diseases such as HIV, cancer, herpes, hepatitis, and influenza. Note: HEALTH-ENERGEN is not a pain reliever, TENS, and blood electrifying device. It does not cure injuries and bacterial-infected diseases. HEALTH-ENERGEN is completely designed to treat and eradicate viral-infected and unknown causes of diseases. Read about HEALTH--ENERGEN in this website, use it, and experience for yourself what it means to be healthy and disease-free. It is possible! It is really a breakthrough in electrotherapy. You only have to believe a little bit and give it a try.

"Special Features "
Fights against viral diseases. Rejuvenates and strengthens the immune systems. Overcome fatigue and stress. Improves blood pH (alkalinity). Promotes proper blood circulation.Safeguards and maintains better health. Healing result is instantly observed.
HEALTH--ENERGEN is a good supportive treatment of viral and prevalent diseases such as:
AIDS/HIV Allergies Arthritis Asthma Cancer DiabetesFibromyalgia Hepatitis Herpes Hypertension Influenza Insomnia Kidney Diseases Leprosy Leukemia Meningitis Migraine Muscular Dystrophy Neuralgia Parkinsonism Somnambulism Tuberculosis and many others...

(Electrostatic Negatron Generator)
A Breakthrough in Electrotherapeutic Technology

Supportive Treatment of Viral and Prevalent Diseases such as:

AIDS/HIVAllergiesArthritisAsthmaCancerDiabetesFibromyalgiaHepatitisHerpesHypertensionInfluenzaInsomniaKidney DiseasesLeprosyLeukemiaMeningitisMigraineMuscular DystrophyNeuralgiaParkinsonismPsoriasisSomnambulism
(Sleepwalking)Stress/FatigueTuberculosisand many others…

Revised: November, 2006
By: Mr. Junji Takano

HEALTH-ENERGEN is the first and latest electronic device designed for electrotherapy and very effective in treating viral and unknown causes of diseases; especially recurring diseases. It is an efficient professionally designed unit, thoroughly tested, and guaranteed to operate per specifications.

We created the first HEALTH-ENERGEN 37 years ago (1968-1970) with great success! We are now bringing back the improved and latest technology of modern electrotherapy machine, the HEALTH-ENERGEN, handcrafted one by one and piece-by-piece to ensure its high efficiency and trouble-free mechanism. It is the first of its kind in the world.

HEALTH-ENERGEN produces static electricity and has been proven to eradicate the root of viral diseases such as HIV, cancer, herpes, hepatitis, and influenza.

Note: HEALTH-ENERGEN is not a pain reliever, TENS, and blood electrifying device. It does not cure injuries and bacterial-infected diseases. HEALTH-ENERGEN is completely designed to treat and eradicate viral-infected and unknown causes of diseases.

Since it is the specialty of HEALTH-ENERGEN to treat viral diseases, the list of diseases or sicknesses it may reverse could be very long. Only common viral diseases and sicknesses are listed here on this manual.

Please note: With the use of HEALTH-ENERGEN, you would experience certain improvements in cases of cancer, AIDS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When that happens, we request you to offer testimonials to your friends and relatives so that they would also know how HEALTH-ENERGEN could be of help to them.

If you make your blood clean and high in alkalinity (pH), then you will get healthier.
Can anybody really say that that statement is wrong? No. So, the only question is, how do you improve the alkalinity of your blood? Do you take it out, run it through some process and return it in? The medical community has various ways to do that at some appropriately high prices. The method of HEALTH-ENERGEN is simple, it works, and it's cheap. You can do it at home while watching TV, reading books, and listening to a radio. It doesn't require a rocket scientist to figure out how to do it. Isn't that the way electrotherapy should be?



HEALTH-ENERGEN has proven its effectiveness many times over. Will they work for you? Only you can answer that question. Don't let someone else tell you what to do for your own health. You be the judge. Look at what others all over the world have done to cure themselves on many types of illnesses. There have been documented "miracle cures" of everything from cancer, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and more worldwide. The results can be astonishing and unbelievable at times, but they are real.

Since the beginning of time, disease has been one of our greatest scourges. Even though science and technology has made progress with creating antibiotics and vaccines, we still have many incurable viral diseases, including AIDS, Ebola, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herpes, Hepatitis, Cancers and Influenza.

To create a simpler and less invasive electrotherapy treatment, a health researcher by the name of Junji Takano came up with the idea of inventing an electrostatic therapy device named HEALTH-ENERGEN. He found out that passing electrostatic current into the body systems can help combat the viral afflictions of the body, and regain a better health mechanism in the body.

Junji Takano tested HEALTH-ENERGEN on people suffering from viral diseases and unknown causes of maladies, and observed the results. He needed to determine not only the efficacy of this treatment, but its absolute safety. His experiments consisted of years of time on uncountable number of patient. Because of these experiments, he concluded that anyone with unknown causes of diseases, using the HEALTH-ENERGEN exactly as directed, always became virus-free and experienced remission from their illnesses quickly.After three decades of time since HEALTH-ENERGEN was created and applied on thousands of sick people, he experienced many remarkable results for treating viral diseases and unknown causes of illnesses. He received countless number of letters of thanks from all over the world.

The latest HEALTH-ENERGEN is trouble-free and maintenance-free because new electronic technology made it possible, making it high in efficiency, small and lightweight, easy to operate and maintain.

Other Electrotherapy Devices vs. the HEALTH-ENERGEN
Most of electrotherapy devices known and used today are injecting electric current to the body. They claim that electric current is a good remedy and can help several kinds of diseases. Others induce harmful radiations such as ultraviolet ray, infrared, X-ray, nuclear radiation and magnetic flux as methodology of treatment.

All of these, once the voltage, current, flux and rays are overused or given in overdose, may damage the skin and organs or side effects may appear. How then can one treat or cure these diseases caused by the side effects of so-called modern electrotherapy? It is because no one found the cause or origin of sickness. And these treatments are not cure but remedy.

Unlike any other existing electrotherapy devices, HEALTH-ENERGEN is applied with very different and unique technology. Probably, modern medical science never imagined and has never applied the beneficial effects of HEALTH-ENERGEN technology.



The HEALTH-ENERGEN is used with a plate connected to the output voltage. See next page for illustrations.

Put the HEALTH-ENERGEN in a suitable place. It may be in your bedroom or living room. Connect the output cable with an alligator clip to a metal sheet, foil or screen. The cable from the HEALTH-ENERGEN to aluminum foil should not be touching to the ground.Place the metal screen or sheet on a low plastic stool. Sit on a plastic or wooden chair that will insulate you from the floor. Don’t use cane (bamboo or rattan) chairs as this could reduce the effectiveness of the HEALTH-ENERGEN. Place your feet (bare or with socks) on the metal sheet or screen. For sweat feet, place a sheet of newspaper or piece of handkerchief on it.Finally, plug the cord into the outlet. Do not touch any appliance or anything or anyone that is grounded. The two indicator lights should light, then, electrotherapy begins.Children or pets may be held on the lap for treatment.You must use it 3-4 times a day, or as often as possible, 30-60 minutes per session.How to Test: To check if the HEALTH-ENERGEN is functioning properly, see the output power indicator or put a tissue paper or Kleenex (about ¼ inches) and place it on an insulated table (made of wood or plastic), then bring your finger near it. The paper will start to move. This means that you are under electrostatic electrification. Similar in rubbing a comb and touching it on a piece of paper.

Connect the output cable with an alligator clip to a metal sheet, foil or screen. The cable from the HEALTH-ENERGEN to aluminum foil should not be touching to the ground.Sit on a plastic or wooden chair that will insulate you from the floor. Don’t use cane (bamboo or rattan) chairs as this could reduce the effectiveness of the HEALTH-ENERGEN.Place the metal screen or sheet on a low plastic stool. Place your feet (bare or with socks) on the metal sheet or screen. For sweat feet, place a sheet of newspaper or piece of handkerchief on it.HEALTH-ENERGEN USAGE

For Reclining or Bedridden Patients
Prepare any size (about 12"x12") of aluminum foil or mosquito net and attach it to the output cable with an alligator clip from the HEALTH-ENERGEN. The wire should not be touching to the ground. Make sure the wire is more than 1 foot above from the ground.The user must lie on a nonconductive bed or surface such as a plastic deck recliner or a nonmetallic bed with a foam mattress without metal springs to prevent electrical shock.Place the metal sheet, foil or screen under the user. It is OK to have clothing between the metal and the skin.Finally, plug the power cord into the outlet. Do not touch any appliance or anything or anyone that is grounded. The two indicator lights should light. Electrotherapy using HEALTH-ENERGEN now begins.You must use it 3-4 times a day, or as often as possible, 30-60 minutes per session.


How Does HEALTH-ENERGEN Work by Applying Static Electricity?

As you can see in the figure below, you can imagine the paranormal wave that bothers and creates virus in the body are surrounding and some amounts of it are penetrating the body which is illustrated as positive (+).

HEALTH-ENERGEN power is for electrification outside the body, meaning it does not induce nor penetrate the body, illustrated as negative electron (-), which discharge the paranormal wave, positive (+).

As we know in physic, positive and negative electricity makes friction, discharging the virus-creating wave instantly.
HEALTH-ENERGEN technology is not in the world dictionaries. Any existing medical or scientific words simply cannot explain the theory of it.

Scientists and medical scholars are trying to find the origin of virus and the root of unknown causes of maladies such as Parkinson's disease and cancers. If there's no finding of their origins and causes, then how can you possibly find the remedy and cure for these dreadful diseases?

Doctors are just trying to apply available drugs and what they call modern medical machines. Most of these machines and drugs penetrate the body. Anything that pass or penetrate the body produce joule heat. Anything that produce joule heat in the body has side effects whether it is serious, mild or unnoticeable at all.

Static electricity is an electric field that occurs when you rub anything. HEALTH-ENERGEN is a machine that produces a similar electric field without the need of rubbing.


means the electric power is up to your house but nothing connects to it because the circuit breaker is at “off” position. There’s no power consumption at all.
Electrify means the circuit breaker is at “on” position, thus, you can switch “on” electrical machines such as the appliances. Once power is consumed, it produces heat (joule heat) and produce “effect”.

Most of machines you used and claimed that they did not produce any side effect are therefore, not noticeable by patients.

HEALTH-ENERGEN is a machine that does electrification to our body but there’s no static electricity that pass, penetrate and consumed by the body. Thus, there is no joule heat occur in the body and no side effect at all.

What does electrification do? That's the unknown technology and unknown to scientists of the world. Only the inventor of HEALTH-ENERGEN knows it. He knows the cause and origin of these incurable diseases of the world so he knew how to eradicate them.

Many did not believe when Albert Einstein discovered the law of relativity. It is just the same situation as Mr. Takano is right now. When he discovered the origin of virus and mysterious diseases over forty years ago, many have refused to believe in him. He invented HEALTH-ENERGEN to eradicate the world maladies but only countable numbers of people believed.

The origin of virus is from a wave similar to the ionospheric wave in the sky. He cannot tell you what it is exactly because it’s a trade secret at moment. Electrostatic energy produced by HEALTH-ENERGEN counteracts the paranormal wave energy that creates virus in the body.


As a boy, the inventor, Mr. Junji Takano became a victim of tuberculosis. He started to look for ways and means to eradicate the malady in his body as well as those of his co-patients in the hospital. After World War II, there were only few medicines available in Japan. Some of the patients, including the inventor, did not get well in the hospital after so many months of treatment.

He decided to do research study about the sickness called tuberculosis. After many years of study, he discovered that there are three kinds of tuberculosis. One is caused by mycobacterium which is contagious. This is curable, if not, it is controllable. The second one is not caused by tubercle bacillus, but by a certain electrical energy force (this is curable, if not, controllable by HEALTH-ENERGEN). The third one is caused by both.

Patients who are suffering from the second and third kind of tuberculosis are not getting well by drugs, indicating that there is resistance against all kinds of drugs. X-ray results of such patients show positive tuberculosis spots in the lungs. If the sputum of such patients is placed into a laboratory to test for cultivation of tubercle bacillus, it yields negative result. Hence, it should not be labeled as tuberculosis.

This discovery enabled the inventor to trace the origin of sicknesses (incurable diseases) and how to cast out the maladies.

In 1968, finally, the inventor discovered the origin of incurable diseases, as well as its eradication technique.

Mysterious energy force of electrical wave is the denominator of all kinds of incurable diseases and produces virus. This paranormal wave is responsible on almost all maladies including cancer, kidney diseases, diabetes, tumors, asthma, leprosy, arthritis, and many others.

The Palm Structure

The inventor was curious about the structure of the palms when he was in the hospital. There he found the mysterious point. Most patients who suffer from viral diseases or incurable diseases have the same pattern of palm figure as seen below.
Note: There are some insulated cases of difference in size, shape and length congenitally.HISTORY OF HEALTH-ENERGENThe inventor discovered that most patients who are affected by the paranormal wave or suffering from viral diseases have an unidentical patterns of left and right palm figure. Most healthy people have identical (even) palm figures both left and right. However, unhealthy people have amazingly unidentical palms (their fingers, either the left or right is shorter than the other or the horizontal wrinkle lines are not even).

Facts about Lightning

Have you ever heard that many patients who suffered from viral diseases got well after they got electrical shock or lightning. Electrical shock apparently made them well. Is there any connection between electrical shock and viral sickness? These events made the inventor understand the facts written in the religious scriptures that the sickness is due to a paranormal wave. Of course, there may be another miracle that can heal the viral maladies.
How to Produce Static Electricity – The RubdownBy rubbing using plastic sheet, you can produce static electricity as you can see on the left figure. This procedure helps you maintain healthy body and away from viral diseases.

For this reason, almost all school students in Japan practice rubdown. Rubdown with a dry towel is the best way to produce static electricity and drive away the paranormal wave from the body. Do this rubdown motion for several minutes a day and you can be free from viral diseases.
BACKGROUND: Skin rubdown using a dry towel to scrub the whole body is a Japanese traditional procedure since hundreds of years ago. Because massage therapy is effective in improving cellular immunity, skin rubdown may also have the similar effects. Our ancestors knew it before our modern medical technology surfaced.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Sixteen bedridden old patients, who had suffered a cerebral stroke, were studied. Skin rubdown for about 10 minutes was added for 10 days. Blood was collected at noon on the day before skin rubdown, 5 and 10 days after initiation and 5 days after completion. The neutrophil count, lymphocyte count, serum gamma-globulin and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and natural killer cell activity were also measured. In 9 of these 16 patients, B, T, CD4 and CD8 lymphocyte counts were additionally measured on the same days.


RESULTS: There were no significant changes in the time course of the lymphocyte count, gamma-globulin or CRP levels. The neutrophil count increased 10 days after initiation of the skin rubdown, and natural killer cell activity increased 5 and 10 days after initiation, and returned to the baseline level 5 days after completion. Although there were no changes in the time course of the B, T, CD4 and CD8 lymphocyte counts, the CD4/CD8 ratio showed an increase 5 days after initiation and completion.

CONCLUSIONS: Skin rubdown activates natural killer cells, which may be attributed to the effect of certain mediators released from the T lymphocytes or the stimulated effect on the sympathetic nerves. This technique may be used to reduce various complications caused by the decreased immunity observed in bedridden old patients.

HISTORY OF HEALTH-ENERGENAs shown on these pictures, Japanese pupils are rubbing with a dry towel with each other. They practice this in most schools.

You must do it as long as you want to keep yourself healthy everyday. Short time trial of three days or so is not effective at all. Rubdown with a dry towel on your body is the simplest way. However, after returning from heavy works in the office and factory, another work to rubdown is a hindrance for us. We want to rest and take a break. If there’s a way to eradicate viral diseases while resting, would you like it to apply the technique? To answer the above, Junji Takano invented the HEALTH-ENERGEN.

Experience the New Technology that Made Trouble-Free HEALTH-ENERGEN Possible

After nearly three decades of experience, modern technology made the HEALTH-ENERGEN trouble-free and maintenance-free. It is not bulky, no danger for patients, no side effects, no heavy current consumption, no moving parts and many more. You can trust our product as it’s guaranteed for lifetime because of our dedicated high efficiency control.

Thousands of medicines and medical devices had been invented to combat world maladies. In addition, there are remarkable remedies and cure for bacterial-infected diseases but the treatment for those affected by virus and unknown causes of diseases remains uncertain. It’s because no one has truly discovered the causes of incurable diseases and origin of viruses. In other words, medical scholars failed to define the causes and origin of diseases as well as viruses. Is it not the reason that they cannot stipulate the definite cure for them?

They believe that viruses are the causes of maladies. They believe the origin of incurable diseases is virus. They believe viruses are responsible for the sicknesses. Here, they have to understand why and how protein and nucleic acid in the body forms as viruses.

If a virus is composed of protein and nucleic acid, what kind of force (energy) is working in a particular person (victim). Let us see again our palms. It is evident that most patients who suffer from incurable diseases bear deformed or unidentical palms which supports the claim that some unknown property is surrounding the body.

And now, you can believe the above statement sounds acceptable.

Truly, when a certain force of energy surrounds the body, it expands and the energy might work as a creator of virus.
Look at the patients who suffer from leukemia or cancer due to overexposure to radiations such as X-rays, radioisotope and nuclear radiation. They are victims of such radiation energy that creates viruses in the body. So, from this evident statement, it is much understandable that virus is just a byproduct of mysterious energy from outside the body.

Sicknesses caused by overexposure to X-rays, radioisotope and nuclear radiations are due to side effects from human error.

Now, at least, the origin of viruses can be explained more simply. Certain energy like radioactive property is penetrating to victims. Once such energy enters to the body, the flesh expands, and you can possibly observe the expansion of the body through your fingers and palms.

What will happen if this strange energy enters the body? The strange energy wave has a shortwave status and something like that of an ionospheric wave in the sky. It has similar characteristic to a radioisotope or nuclear radiation. Since this force of energy is more related to that of ionosphere, it is more active at night and weak during daytime due to sunlight.You cannot use any medicine like drugs to eradicate this energy but only a device to discharge it from the body. It is also not necessary to induce or inject electrical current to the body. Inducing current in the body produces side effects because of Joule effect (an increase in heat resulting from the passage of a current). It means it creates another incurable sickness. Can you say it "human error" again?

To eradicate the paranormal wave penetrating the body is simple. Just apply some electrification to the surface of the body with a special technology, then, your deformed body will be aligned and both of your palms will be identical instantly (see your fingers).

Once the virus-producing wave is discharged from the body, your health will be restored to normal.

Please take note that once your organs are physically damaged, then the result of healing time will take long duration or no satisfactory result at all although the virus-producing wave will be removed.

Are homosexuals also among the victim of incurable diseases? The answer is yes. They are also victims of incurable diseases. See their palms.

For gays (homosexual man), their left hand fingers are usually longer than the other.

For lesbians (homosexual woman), their right hand fingers are usually longer than the left.

Of course, there are some insulated cases of difference in size, shape and length congenitally.


What is Bacterium (Bacteria)?

Bacteria are microscopic organisms commonly called microbes. They are one-celled living organisms that have various shapes, such as rod-like bacillus, spiral shaped spirochete and spherical coccu. Bacteria are everywhere, in water, soil and even inside other living organisms. However, there are bacteria which are not harmful to human beings, and some types are essential for the growth and production of food. Disease-bearing bacteria produce poison called toxins against some of which medical science has developed antitoxins. Most ailments caused by bacteria nowadays no longer pose a big problem to doctors around the world.
Note: HEALTH-ENERGEN cannot cure bacterial-infected diseases. Consult your doctor.
What is Virus?

According to the medics, virus is any wide variety of exceedingly small particles that causes different diseases. They are called filterable viruses because unlike bacteria, they pass through ordinary laboratory filters. Viruses occupy the borderline between living and nonliving things. Many medical scientists believe that they are complex molecules of protein and nucleic acid, resembling genes. They show no lifelike activity, unless they are introduced into living cell. They cannot be grown in the laboratory on simple nutrient substances as bacteria can. Once inside a cell, they undergo to the process of making copies of itself or reproducing. By changing the cell's chemistry the virus causes the cell to produce toxins. Specific viruses are responsible for a host of diseases.
Today, we know what virus is, yet viral diseases of the world such as cancer, AIDS and Ebola, cannot be eradicated. Why? It is because no one knows how virus was born.


Scientists and doctors are combatting to find a definite cure for viral diseases and one of the most remarkable remedy or prevention is by vaccination. However, many new viruses are surfacing and affecting healthy people to suffer daily because discovery of new vaccine takes time and are still far from researches. We can remember a passage, "Go up into Gilead, and take balm, O virgin, the daughter of Egypt: in vain shalt thou use many medicines; for thou shalt not be cured." (Jeremiah 46:11)

Is it not because no one in medical science has found the real origin of such maladies, and don't you realize that these incurable diseases are only for human beings? If you can find multivaccine, then, there shall be no more incurable sufferings. Now is the time to understand that there must be a cause and origin of virus. As it’s mentioned in this manual, virus is a byproduct of a paranormal wave like that of an ionospheric wave in the sky.

HEALTH-ENERGEN does not eradicate virus directly. It works just like a vaccine. Vaccine does not eradicate viruses but prevents it from multiplying. HEALTH-ENERGEN prevents or repels the paranormal wave that creates viruses in the body. Which do you prefer, whether origin of virus is eradicated or a byproduct called virus is immunized?


There were only 404 kinds of sicknesses in the time of our ancestors, but today known sicknesses are listed in thousands in medical books. And most of them are created as modern maladies of human error by scientists of the world.

Many sicknesses are not mentioned in this manual because the list of diseases or illnesses it may reverse could be very long. However, HEALTH-ENERGEN is very effective to those not mentioned herein, too.

To know the result of HEALTH-ENERGEN treatment, see your palms and check if your fingers (left and right) are getting identical in length. (There are some insulated cases of difference in size, shape and length congenitally).

a medical condition affecting joints, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness. Most cases are due to an unknown reason. HEALTH-ENERGEN is very effective treatment and most of arthritis-oriented pains could be eradicated within minutes.
a medical condition in which you become sick or in which your skin becomes red and painful because you have eaten particular foods, touched particular things, inhaled chemicals or pollen, etc.

a disease of the respiratory system, sometimes caused by allergies, with symptoms including coughing, sudden difficulty in breathing, and a tight feeling in the chest. Most of asthma is due to an unknown cause. It is considered sickness due to allergy. Allergy itself is due to an unknown cause. There are only few cases of inborn.

a malignant tumor or growth caused when cells multiply uncontrollably, destroying healthy tissue. The different forms are sarcomas, carcinomas, leukemias, and lymphomas. Excepting exposure to radioactive rays, overexposure to sunlight, over intake of toxic chemicals, most of the causes of cancer are unknown.

a medical disorder that causes the body to produce an excessive amount of urine, especially diabetes mellitus. Many believe that overdose of sugar intake is the cause of diabetes.FIBROMYALGIA
a disorder causing aching muscles, sleep disorders, and fatigue. This is arthritis-oriented disorder causing pain. Medically, the cause is unknown.

a viral infection causing small painful blisters and inflammation, most commonly at the junction of skin and mucous membrane in the mouth or nose or in the genitals.

abnormally high blood pressure caused by over thinking (e.g. due to problem) or unbalanced diet or overwork. It is very seldom due to viral infections. Daily intake of more than 5 cc of vinegar will maintain normal blood pressure within three months. If you will stop vinegar intake, blood pressure will rise again. After three months of vinegar intake, if you like it to be stopped or reduced, you may change it to pure honey at least 10 cc a day daily for a lifetime.UNKNOWN CAUSES OF DISEASES

inability to fall asleep or to remain asleep long enough to feel rested, especially as a problem continuing over time.LEPROSY
a tropical disease that mainly affects the skin and nerves and can cause tissue change. Leprosy is transmitted following close contact and has a long incubation period.

a type of cancer in which white blood cells displace normal blood. This leads to infection, shortage of red blood cells (anemia), bleeding, and other disorders, and often proves fatal. Certain types of childhood leukemias respond well to treatment, which includes drugs (chemotherapy) and radiotherapy. If the cause is due to radioactive properties, overdose of toxicated chemicals, it is quite difficult to be treated medically.

a serious, sometimes fatal illness in which a viral or bacterial infection inflames the meninges, causing symptoms such as severe headaches, vomiting, stiff neck, and high fever.

a recurrent, throbbing, very painful headache, often affecting one side of the head and sometimes accompanied by vomiting or by distinct warning signs including visual disturbances. It is also called sick headache.

an incurable nervous disorder marked by the symptoms of trembling hands, lifeless face, monotone voice, and a slow, shuffling walk. It is generally caused by the degeneration of dopamine-producing brain cells, and is the commonest form of Parkinsonism.

a chronic skin disorder in which red or deep pink raised patches, covered by white scales, appear on the skin. It usually causes no discomfort but it can get slightly itchy, especially on the scalp or around the anus.

any painful condition of the joints or muscles that is not caused by infection or injury. From most cases, pain disappears within few minutes while using HEALTH-ENERGEN.

SOMNAMBULISM (Sleepwalking)
a dissociative mental state in which the individual rises from sleep, with little awareness of surroundings, to perform what appear to be conscious motor activities. HEALTH-ENERGEN treatment is recommended and very effective. Mostly, from the day patient use, the result is remarkably attained.

an infectious disease that causes small rounded swellings (tubercles) to form on mucous membranes, especially disease pulmonary tuberculosis that affects the lungs. Presently, it is the worlds’ leading killer. Many cases of tuberculosis are well treated by HEALTH-ENERGEN.


I’m in doubt with the HEALTH-ENERGEN. Is there any scientific proof of it? Is it not true that science you know today failed to heal you? Then, why do you need scientific evidence? Your sickness may remain as is if you are just thinking and thinking only, or because you have tried so-called modern devices previously and failed to heal. That's why you cannot believe another machine anymore unless otherwise new scientific evidence comes out. Probably, your neighbor quack doctor can heal you better. It is not necessary to be a scientist to invent a medical device. Even a quack doctor heals many patients.
In fact, since the time the HEALTH-ENERGEN was commercially advertised on the air and magazines, we received many comments from both pro and anti groups. Some say the HEALTH-ENERGEN technology is untrue. Some say it works beautifully and fine, and its technology is very much believable. If the HEALTH-ENERGEN technology is untrue, then we could have not been producing over three decades of time. To those who cannot believe the HEALTH-ENERGEN technology, let them believe doctors and scientists who failed to find a cure for them. They surely don’t have a brain which cannot match a researcher’s brain or cannot learn new technologies.

HEALTH-ENERGEN healing mechanism cannot be explained by science alone. There are things beyond science. However, we are explaining its secret of healing scientifically in this manual.

Are there other devices which safely use electric current on the body? Yes and No. Most of those devices are Muscle stimulators, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units, Bone Growth Stimulators and Deep Brain Stimulators. While those other devices claim that they are safe to use and effective, side effects may occur such as headaches, stiff joints, nausea, sleepiness, weakness, foggy thinking and dulled speech. You are also limited in what food you can eat. HEALTH-ENERGEN is designed without any side effects because it does not induce any electricity into the body.

Is HEALTH-ENERGEN safe? Yes, HEALTH-ENERGEN does not deliver any electrical current into the body. Note that HEALTH-ENERGEN is not a pulser, TENS unit or a pain reliever device and the current doesn't pass through sensory nerves and blood. Current passing through blood can have a harmful effect in the body because it can destroy both bad and normal cells. Static-like electricity that HEALTH-ENERGEN produces has no side effects at all. HEALTH-ENERGEN does not harm your body even if it is used for a long period of time.

How long have HEALTH-ENERGEN been available? Since 1968, this was invented by Junji Takano as an alternative to other medical treatments.

Is using electricity for health a new concept? No. The earliest recorded medical use of electricity is in 46 A.D. when the Roman emperors' physician recommended treatment with the electric torpedo fish for rheumatism and gout. Also, Benjamin Franklin used electricity to treat people with neurologic problems. So actually, electricity has been used for health treatment long before our generation! Only HEALTH-ENERGEN has the ability to treat diseases without any side effects.

Does HEALTH-ENERGEN produce a harmful electromagnetic field? No.


When is the best time to use HEALTH-ENERGEN? To maintain good health, daily HEALTH-ENERGEN treatment is recommended. When you're suffering from an incurable disease, it is good to use HEALTH-ENERGEN as often as possible. There is no side effect even when you are using it for hours. Unlike any other electrotherapy devices that have recommended time usage, HEALTH-ENERGEN requires you to use it as many times as you can. The more you use it, the faster it can heal your sickness. Even you don't have a disease, using HEALTH-ENERGEN will prevent you from contracting viral diseases and unknown causes of maladies, and of course, the HEALTH-ENERGEN treatment will maintain good health.

Is it important to feel an electrical 'tingle' when using HEALTH-ENERGEN? Absolutely not. You won't feel any when you’re using HEALTH-ENERGEN. You’ll only receive a very small amount of shock for a microsecond if someone touches you or when you touch a conductive object accidentally.

What is the size and weight of HEALTH-ENERGEN and can I still do things while using it? HEALTH-ENERGEN is 8"x6"x2.5" (LxWxH) and weighs only 1.85 kgs. You can use it while you're sitting down, reading books, watching TV, etc.

Is it OK to use HEALTH-ENERGEN on babies? Absolutely. Babies’ health will improve much better than adults since their organs are "fresh" and work really well. It is advisable that a baby or child sits on the lap of a guardian and they both sit on the HEALTH-ENERGEN together.

Is it OK to eventually use HEALTH-ENERGEN more than 1 or 2 hours daily? Yes. 1 hour daily is an effective exposure time but if you can handle more often then go for it. More than twice a day (splitting up the usage time) is more recommendable.

HEALTH-ENERGEN Safety Concerns

Primarily people question the safety of the electricity applied. They want to know that they won't get electrocuted and that the electricity won't do any harm to their cells. HEALTH-ENERGEN produces only static electricity with no toxic side effects. The current doesn't even pass through blood vessels which other electrotherapy devices do. These kinds of devices have side effects. HEALTH-ENERGEN is designed without any side effects.

To be "electrocuted" takes thousand times more electricity. The most people ever feel is a slight tingling sensation when touching some conductive objects. So, in conclusion we can say that using HEALTH-ENERGEN as recommended poses no health threat, only health benefit.