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Sehr geehrter Herr Madreiter,
meine Frau und ich arbeiten als psychologische Psychotherapeuten. Wir benutzen die E.C.T. in der Hauptsache zur Entspannung und Anregung. Wir messen vorher, um die Werte der Chakren zu wissen. Damit erzielen wir gute Erfolge. Wir arbeiten mit Stäben, mit den flexiblen "Schlangen", mit dem Ruby, Amethyst, u.a. Wir behandeln keine Krankheiten. Bei Krebspatienten verleihen wir ein Patientengerät, um die Abwehr zu stärken, was auch als hilfreich empfunden wird.
Ich hoffe, Sie haben jetzt einen Eindruck von unseren Anwendungsbereichen bekommen. Dr. Andreas Oswald

E.C.T. Gerät + E.S.M. Scanning 


The 'Krystal Lotus'
1 x Battery
1 x Battery charger
1 x ESM scanner
1 x standard polycarbonate crystal electrode
2 x standard crystal electrode
1 x extension lead

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optionale Elektroden Polycarbonat oder Flexible
Amethyst,Aventurine, Carnelian, Citrine, Clear Qartz, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Sodalite
35.-€ netto/Stück

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said “First do no harm.”

ElectroKrystals system is a gentle and non-invasive method of balancing the human energy field. It uses the pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic stimulation of crystals to induce rebalancing in human and animal subjects.

Electromagnetism has been used by conventional medicine for many years eg X-rays in diagnosis and pulsed frequencies to aid bone healing. Krystals have been used to aid natural healing for thousands of years. The innovation in Electro Krystals method is the synergistic combination of the two and their specific application on the chakras and meridians of the human energy field. This method works on a subtle energy level.

Inventor Harry Oldfielt has likened it to a molecular massage. Electro Krystals involves placing crystals in tubes on certain points around the body. These tubes are then attached to an electromagnetic generator which administers the balancing and normalizing energy frequencies that the human or animal energy system needs.

Harry’s research has shown that different crystals are beneficial in certain ‘zones’ of the body to bring about a balancing effect on the subject. The energy field has long been referred to as the aura and has been charted for thousands of years. Energy configuration points or zones were described by the ancient people of India as chakras, in China as the acupuncture points and meridians.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel and a spinning wheel is perhaps how the chakra would look to someone who could see it. These ‘whirlpools’ of energy were often depicted as flowers with different numbers of petals. The number of petals is thought by modern researchers to be evidence that these ancient people knew something about the harmonic frequencies of the chakras.

Harry Oldfielt suggests that the human energy field is like a template or network of energy points with which the physical molecules of the body are aligned. When Harry first began measuring the energetic fluctuations around the body with the Electro-Scanning Model (E.S.M.) he always found energy concentrations at seven places. He was mystified as to the cause of this until a professor suggested that he may have ‘discovered’, that is, rediscovered, the chakra system of ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

Both animals and plants benefit from ElectroKrystal systems.

ElectroKrystals is a very complex system and settings for a person are usually worked out according to their E.S.M scan analysis, but it would be good to start with these general balancing settings, and I can send some more general ones shortly.



A subject is scanned with the Electro-Scanning Method or E.S.M. Harmless signals from the ElectroCrystal generator are induced into the body via the electrode which is held in the hand.

The body’s energy field is boosted by these ‘signals’. The output signals from the patient are detected with a hand-held scanner to provide analytical information about the energy field.

This information can indicate past, present and sometimes future problem zones in the energy field.

A person trained in E.S.M. scanning can then extrapolate useful information which can be analysed to deduce the most effective ways to rebalance the energy of the subject.


Crystal Sound CD 14,90.- netto

Crystal Sound is a system by which sound is generated from crystals. This process uses highly tuned electromagnetic waves to excite individual crystals so that they emit audible sound waves; each crystal has an individual note at which it resonates, that is vibrates and gives off sound energy.
Harry Oldfield says that “the larger the crystal, the lower the frequency and the smaller the crystal, the higher the frequency.” The sound effect is a practical form of crystal experience.

“The sound itself has had a beneficial effect on many who have heard it, depending on the attributes of the crystal being used. Even deaf people, or people with hearing difficulties, have received benefit, proving that the harmonic vibrations which have been set up are bringing about an effect in the body, and not simply the sound through the ears.”

There is a crystal sound CD – referred to by all involved as ‘Harry and the Crystals’ – enabled by rock group ‘Current 93’.

The sounds were taken from individual crystals and from some of the electrode tubes used in ElectroCrystal Therapy. The crystals were used in varying combinations and selected frequencies were pulsed into them from an ElectroCrystal Therapy generator.

We should emphasise that the crystals themselves were the sole source of all the sounds on this recording.

Harry expands: “The features of these crystal sounds are, first, that the method is non-invasive, second, that a variety of crystals with different properties can be used and, third, that groups of people can receive benefit at once.”

Harry even found that gloomy living and working environments changed for the better when crystal sounds were generated into them. He qualifies this when he says that ‘this last statement if, of course, a subjective one, but, when we are dealing with subtle energies such as these, some subjectivity might reasonably be included.

Only time and more research on people and places will give any positive answers as to the effectiveness of this variation of ElectroCrystal Therapy. There is good reason to be optimistic. After all it seems to be an extension to the well-known range of effects of music, which necessarily includes harmonic frequencies.’

Oldfielt Filter 25,90.-


The book you are referring to is called 'Gem Therapy' by Benoytosh Bhattacharyya, publisher Firma KLM Private Ltd, Calcutta (there is no ISBN no).
The book is very hard to find but we keep a number of copies in stock as it has such valuable and useful information for our students and those interested in crystals.You are welcome to contact us direct we have the book in stock at our office and you would be welcome to purchase a copy for 12.00 plus 3.00 post and packing = Total 15.00

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