Operation Principle of Pain Reliever

Pain Signal is one of Electrical Signal which is called Action Potential. This signal is sent by Axon to brain in order to transform or translate the pain level.


In generally, the Tissue of Axon has Potential caused by the difference between positive charge at external surface of Axon tissueandnegative charge at inner surface of Axon tissue which is around 70 mV.


When the receptor of Pain Signal is stimulated, the process in submission of Pain Stimulus Signal will be happened in Electrical Signal or Action Potential through Axon. The value of Potential on tissue surface will be changed. Pain Signal will be sent to Brain for transforming this signal into the Pain Level accordingly. The Value of differentiate Potential is around 30 mV.



The way to stop the pain is to stop the process of Action Potentials’ submission to Brain. Pain Reliever is like big Capacitor whose structure contains with two plates functioned as Capacitor without any requirement of energy source or battery. The user will wear or attach the Pain Reliever around the wrist while using.


In general condition, these two plates will collect the charge which is caused by the charge induction within Axon tissue. The below plate will be induced to let the negative charge happened as the outside of Axon surface is the positive charge. Therefore, the upper plate of Pain Reliever is functioned as the storage of negative charge.


When the difference of Action Potential is occurred due to the stimulation signal submission of Pain Stimulus, the resistance, which is caused by small magnetic field stored in the form of charges, will resize the size or value of Action Potential so that the brain can perceive the minimized pain feeling.


Operation and Theory

The feeling of pain occurs when being stimulated. It can be perceived by pain receptor unit scattered all of the body. The process of transformation happens if the Receptor Signal has changed into Receptor Potential.

In humans and animals, pain is sent to brain by the movement of Electron in Nerve Cells Receptor. Regarding the Potential of tissues, outside electric charges is normally positive while inside one is negative. In case there is no pain, Receptor Potential between inside and outside is at around 70 mV. When the pain has been aroused, Electric Charges will be changed rapidly and alternated the poles. This process gives the result with human body in the rate of 1:1,000 seconds by changing Electric Pole and Electric Potential into 100mV. The difference of previous Electric Potential of Electric Pole Alternation between inside and outside is -30 mV. The increasing of the highest Potential value through the movement of Electron and Frequency of Potential Transformation Process is related to the rate of the pain violence submission. In human body, the pain currency is moved in Nerve System with the fastest movement rate of 100 Metre/Seconds

DE-KA Titan: Pain Relievercan relieve or stop the pain stimulus in Nerve System of humans and animals and decrease the side effect from medicine against pain. The device functions by itself without using any other energy outsource.